Comanche County Bail Bonds

When anyone thinks of a bail bond company in Comanche County, Lawton, Oklahoma they think of AAA Bail Bonds which is conveniently located at 608 SW D Avenue, Ste 6, Lawton, Oklahoma, right across the street from the Comanche County Courthouse.  AAA Bail Bonds has been in business in Lawton for over 50 years.


AAA Bail Bonds was first started by local businessman Ronnie Gaskins, who was an entrepreneur and oilman. Ronnie was quite the local character. He was known for his boxing skills in his early days and won a Golden Gloves Championship at one time. Ronnie has since passed on his legacy to future bail bondsmen.


Since that time AAA Bail Bonds has continued to prosper and has posted more bonds than any agency in Comanche County. Over the years, AAA has posted more bonds in terms of number and volume than any other bail bond company in Lawton.  There is a reason we are the number one bail bond company in Lawton.


When we take a bail bond application our goal is to do a bond for everyone. We dig for information that will help us qualify your bond. We may ask a lot of questions but our goal and motto is a POST A BOND FOR EVERYONE who calls us. It is not just an empty promise its our commitment to our customers. AND we won't ask you to pay for an expensive monitor if the court does not ask for it!


Once we qualify you for the bond then we have to talk about how you will pay for your bond. Not very many people in today's economy can afford to pay a bond all at once.  We accept credit cards, checks, paypal accounts, wire payments, and payment plans. We have even done bonds without any money upfront and accept payments when you get out of jail on your paydays!


When you talk with us, you know you are talking with professionals that know their business. We understand the in's and outs of the bail bond industry and what it takes to navigate the maze of questions you will have. We understand  that you may not be comfortable with the bail bond process and might be confused. When we complete our interview you will have all your questions answered and feel totally comfortable that you are dealing with honest, ethical professionals.


Call us and get the the answers you need today at (580) 357-2345.