City of Lawton Bonds

If you get arrested by the City of Lawton Police Department or you receive a summons from the City of Lawton for violations of City Codes, then you may need a bond.  Your bond amount is determined by the local Judge who holds an arraignment at either the City Jail or the Lawton Municipal Court.


If you are arrested by the Police Department in Lawton you will be taken to the City Jail which is located on the second floor of the City of Lawton Police Department. The amount of your bond is based on the amount of the outstanding tickets and the charges for those tickets.  If it is after 5:00 PM or on weekends your bond can be posted in cash. However; there are exceptions for Domestic Abuse cases and FTA's or failure to appear cases. They must see the Judge at arraignment.


Bond amounts are based on the charges you receive. For example if you have two different charges then your bond could be as high as $1500. They could also be lower if they are a combination of violations that include traffic or animal control charges. However the most the City of Lawton can charge you is $1000 for each individual charge.


If your bond is $1500 then the cost of the bond is $450 plus $35 for each charge to the city. This is thirty percent of the bond amount and a thirty five dollar fee for filing for each separate charge. The reason City of Lawton premiums are much higher than County premiums is because the City bonds are short term bonds. Normally you are given only 60 days to pay off all your fines and fees. County cases can go on for years and you are typically always represented by an attorney.


The bail bond cost is also based on the amount of risk that the bondsman is taking with the individual they are bonding. Risk is based on the previous history of court attendance, your residential history, time on your job, amount of income, your credit history and a number of other factors. The riskier you are the higher the bond premium will be.


If you are not a resident of Oklahoma and the likelihood of you showing up for court is not good, in all probability you may not receive a bond. Some bondsman will put the entire amount of the bond and the premium they earn in escrow in order to insure that you attend court. If you don't they pay off the bond and earn their premium.